Exactly 4 years after the approval of our organisation as an ESN section, we were able to receive recognition from ESN Belgium for our Buddy Program together with VIVES international. 

We were granted the ESN Belgium Award for 'Best Implementation of the Education and Youth cause'. 

Implemention of this cause

ESN is about students helping students. From this perspective, we developed our
international buddy program in cooperation with VIVES University College at Kortrijk. As internationalisation keeps gaining importance, the course "Orthopedagogy from an international perspective," where throughout diffirent assignments the domestic student works
on his international and intercultural competences, namely: personal growth, intercultural competence, language skills, international involvement and international professional knowledge, was established. As ESN section, we are proud to see internationalisation valued by our higher education institute (credits). Together with VIVES, we strive to improve intercultural understanding and provide opportunities to establish international friendships.

Working method

Since two years, we work closely together with the IRO and the teacher offering the
course at VIVES Kortrijk. We always have a meeting in June to discuss the previous academic
year and work on the upcoming academic year. Mailings with more in-depth information are
then sent to the incoming international students to insure they are supported in their upcoming adventure. From the end of August, the VIVES Kortrijk local students can be assigned to their
incoming international buddy and start the first conversations. From the beginning of
September, the international students arrive and they meet their local buddies. Through an
infosession, both locals and internationals get introduced to ESN and the goal of the
buddygrogram. Throughout diffirent activities, we try to engage conversations and inspire them to boost their international understanding.

Continuous improvement

The last two years were a great succes. Throughout the buddy program, we strengthened
our relations with the school and the IRO, helped international students to feel at home and
offered local students the possibilities to have intercultural exchange. We are proud to
announce the 3rd year of our cooperation with VIVES. Although the circumstances are difficult, we strive to offer the program in its best ways. Digital solutions were discussed if necessary.

Do you want to be a buddy? 

Interested in becoming a buddy? Fill in this form so we can assign you an international student for the first semester of the academic year of 2020-2021. (Only VIVES students from Kortrijk!!!


Do you want to have a buddy? 

If you would like a buddy. Please fill in this form. We will try and match you with your perfect buddy. We work with the FIFO system, which means the first ones signed up, will get a buddy up untill we have no more. 


Contact us

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at esnleonardokortrijk@gmail.com or via Facebook or Instagram.