ESN Leonardo Kortrijk and VIVES International wants YOU to be a buddy!

Want to be part of the coolest and most international community in your University, this buddy program is everything you didn’t even know you needed!

What is the buddysystem?

The buddy system is a system by which incoming international students are matched with local students by the local ESN section. The aim of ESN Leonardo Kortrijk is connecting new incoming students with local students under the principle of students helping students.

What is a buddy?

When an international student arrives in their host country. He or she may feel lost. However, he or she will get interested in everyday life such as for instance living conditions, making friends, finding the nicest pub or the most beautiful building, transportation possibilities, etc. International students are very eager to learn and they want to experience as much as possible since their time in our student city is limited.

A buddy is someone who can assist an international student in getting acquainted with our beautiful student city. Being a buddy means sharing your personal experience and knowledge, helping international students to accommodate in the country, socialise and integrate in the community, …

If you want to enhance your language skills, make new friends on whose doors you can knock when travelling abroad, getting to know other cultures, … You will be developing communication skills, self-confidence, sense of belonging to a community, intelligence, and many, many, many other personal values.

Sign up!

You don’t need to be a member of the ESN Leonardo Kortrijk community. You can just sign up by filling in this form. We will match you with an international student and hope you have an amazing experience.


You can always contact us with your questions, ideas or proposals.