Kortrijk likes to see its students, and will come out for it! Our city is not yet mentioned in the same breath as Leuven or Ghent, but we at Kortrijk Studentenstad would like to change that. K-town is indeed a good place to be as a student, and we try to convince you of that with a lot of fire and never ending enthusiasm (should that still be necessary).

Throughout the academic year, we present sporting, cultural and simply fun activities that will add colour to your student life. The Big Student Quiz, Midnight Swim, Student at Buda or the
always fun ending Team Trophy... are just a few examples of what we are setting up for the Kortrijk student. Something for everyone!

In case you're wondering exactly who we are: Kortrijk Studentenstad is the partnership between the city of Kortrijk and the student facilities of VIVES, Kulak and those of Howest and UGent campus Kortrijk. With united forces, we make sure that there is always something going on in your neighbourhood.